Making the Most of Your Smoking Experience?

Stop by for smoke glassware in Hamburg or Buffalo, NY

After many smoke sessions, your equipment can become worn-out and dirty, even if you clean it. When that happens, turn to Sweet Puffs Head Shop. We have new smoke glassware and flavored tobacco products to suit all of your needs. We proudly have locations in Hamburg and Buffalo, NY.

Explore our extensive selection

While some stores only have a small selection of smoke glassware and tobacco products, Sweet Puffs Head Shop does things differently. Once you stop by, you'll see a huge selection of:

  • Smoking accessories: We have bongs, pipes, ashtrays, bowl heads, quartz bangers, ash catchers, powders and nectar collectors.
  • Hookah products: We have a variety of pieces, supplies and flavors.
  • Tobacco products: We have many flavors, such as all Backwoods flavors.
  • Hemp wraps: We have Maddie's, Karma, Zig-Zag Hemp and King Palm wraps.
  • Cones: We have RAW and Blazy Susan pink rolling cones.
  • Rolling papers: We have Tops, EZ Wider, Zig-Zag, Al Capone and Grabba Leaf papers.

Reach out to check the availability of your favorite flavored tobacco products today.